Tree Service Pricing Guide

Pricing Guide for Tree Removal

Interested in getting a tree removed in your yard but not sure what to expect? Below are the four guidelines tree experts use to create a proper estimate. Let help solve your tree problems!


If the tree is within close proximity to your home or building structure, wires or other obstacles, service prices may increase due to the complexity of the project and extra care to avoid any damages.

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The height of the tree is one of the most critical factors in service prices. A taller tree poses potential dangers and requires more work to remove limbs from the top.


The diameter of the tree trunk plays a large role in the cost of the tree and stump removal.  Thicker trunks take more work and time to remove, resulting in a higher price.

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Dead trees are a mixed bag when it comes to the cost of removal. Small trees could cost less as professionals may not need to climb the tree. Larger ones may increase in cost due to the dangers of climbing weak branches. Because of the unpredictability of this factor, it’s best to assume that it will cost a little bit more than removing a living tree.

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